Bret Miller 1T Foundation -

Do I Need an Attorney??

H A V E  Y O U  E V E R…

  • Signed a contract or a document?
  • Been overcharged or treated unfairly?
  • Received a traffic ticket (in any state)?
  • Known a victim of identity theft?
  • Needed to prepare or update your Will or Trust?
  • Needed a Power of Attorney?
  • Needed to consult with an attorney about HIPPA laws?
  • Been in a situation where you thought the advice of an attorney might be useful?

We offer professional advice on ALL matters from the trivial to the traumatic.

Start living WORRY FREE every day, every night, now and forever!

For as little as $1.00 per day you can protect yourself, your spouse AND never married dependent children up to age of 26. Certain stipulations apply.

For questions or enrollment forms, call your LegalShield Group Representative: Lisa Hatcher @ (913) 488-6044