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for  Making Strides Against Breast Cancer of Kansas City SIGN UP WITH BRET!
Bret will be raising $$$$$ 
and needs your help! Men let us know if you want to join Bret in this challenge!
Breast cancer does not just affect women. Not only are more than 2,600 men in the US diagnosed every year, 
but so are more than 240,000 of their daughters, wives, mothers, sisters, and friends.

Take a minute now and download this detailed information flyer for the event, Come Help raise money for the FIGHT!!! Story

"What It’s Like to Get Breast Cancer As a 24-Year-Old Man?"

Thanks to VICE media for the article, GUYS! You can get breast cancer, Be Aware!!



Beer 4 Boobies!

Beer 4 Boobies is a benefit that was created in 2011 to help individuals fighting Breast Cancer with their medical/living expenses during their battle. 

This year supporting Bret Miller 1T Foundation 501c3 NonProfit!

  • Saturday, April 30 at 5 PM  
    NO. 9 BAR&GRILL 6609 N Oak Trafficway, Kansas City, MO 64118


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