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The Recovery Shirt

Men get breast cancer and have mastectomies too.

Whether going home from the hospital with post-op drains, or having radiation and chemo treatment,
our Male Breast Cancer Coalition brothers should also be able to heal in comfort.

Enter our friend, and sister breast cancer patient herself, Cherie B. Mathews.

Buy a shirt and donate to MBCC so we can help a hardship case. 

The Recovery Shirt by healincomfort is an award winning and patented design created by a 17-year breast cancer survivor.  This innovative solution helps with patient’s recovery from painful upper body surgeries and treatments including mastectomy surgery, radiation treatment, chemo, and reconstruction. Designed to look like a workout shirt so the patient looks and feels like a person and not a science experiment.  This shirt supplies the missing piece in the recovery puzzle. A real story solving a real need. A gift that truly helps.
Now there’s a way to heal in comfort and dignity all for the same price as flowers.



                                                         LIVE TOXIN FREE

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Myriad Genetics

  Myriad Genetics is dedicated to saving lives and improving the quality of life of patients worldwide through the discovery and commercialization of novel, transformative diagnostic products and services across major diseases.

Myriad has provided MBCC & The Bret Miller 1T Foundation, access to their knowledge, as well as a "Family History Tool"

Click on the link provided and start your own Family History Tool.

Please Visit their website

Thats' What we are Saying!!

"Marisa Weiss, M.D. is the founder, president, and guiding force behind, the world's most utilized online resource for medical and personal expert information on breast health and breast cancer, reaching 27 million people globally over the past 10 years. A breast cancer oncologist with more than 20 years of active practice in the Philadelphia region, Dr. Weiss is regarded as a visionary advocate for her innovative and steadfast approach to informing and empowering individuals to protect their breast health and overcome the challenges of breast cancer." This short video talks about breast cancer in Men, small percentage of men but it's time to start paying attention the possibility.

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Debunking Male Breast Cancer Live Hangout

You can hear Bret Miller's appearance with Dr. Harness, just click on the Video link below