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The Bret Miller 1T Foundation, a 501c3 that educates the community about
male breast cancer, is working on a film that will shine a bright light
on an often-ignored disease, male breast cancer.
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MEN HAVE BREASTS TOO, a documentary about male breast cancer and its impact on men, their friends and families, is currently in production. With your financial support, we will be able to finish our film and educate the world. Bret was a typical, athletic, healthy guy, who had a lump in his right breast at the age of 17. Doctors routinely said “let’s keep an eye on this.” Finally, after seven years, a doctor decided it was time to find out what the mass was. The diagnosis was shocking. Imagine a 24 year-old man being told he has breast cancer. Imagine having to face a diagnosis normally reserved for women. Imagine being the only guy in the doctor’s waiting room, not as a plus one for someone else, but waiting for HIS name to be called. Imagine having to tell your buddies you have breast cancer and will be having a mastectomy. Arnaldo doesn’t have to imagine. He was diagnosed with breast cancer in January 2007. Four months later, his daughter Vanessa was diagnosed with breast cancer. Both were BRCA2 positive, as were several other family members. Both of them underwent surgery and decided to complete their chemotherapy together. Arnaldo knows that breast cancer does not discriminate. He spends time educating and raising awareness that MEN HAVE BREASTS TOO. He knows firsthand that men are embarrassed to talk about their breast cancer. Not everyone has the support system and information to deal with a cancer diagnosis. Too many people don’t even know that men can get breast cancer. Knowledge is power and we are on a mission to build awareness through the wisdom and experiences of survivors. Bret, Arnaldo and fellow male breast cancer survivors visit high schools and colleges around the country sharing their journeys by telling stories and educating audiences. The survivors want students to know that every individual is his/her own best advocate for their bodies. Until we educate everyone, including the medical community concerning the need for more testing and clinical trials available to men, our mission continues to be an uphill battle. Knowledge is power and we want people to be informed. By sharing stories, putting a diverse group of faces to male breast cancer, hearing how the disease impacts families, together, our film will remind everyone that MEN HAVE BREASTS TOO. We will share stories from men who are members of what is usually a women’s only club, hear from family members impacted by male breast cancer, understand more about the disease from doctors and help spread awareness that men can indeed get breast cancer too. We’d like our documentary to ignite a serious discussion about detection and education for men with breast cancer. Your donation will help us accomplish our goals. From film festivals, to TV, to Netflix, we want our documentary to get as much exposure as possible. MEN HAVE BREASTS TOO is an Apex Evolution Media & Tevelady Productions film in association with the Bret Miller 1T Foundation and the Male Breast Cancer Coalition. Please mail your donation to: Bret Miller 1T Foundation 4222 W. 69th Terrace Prairie Village, KS 66208